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We have developed the most irresistible vending program ever created.  It is a money magnet. With the assistance of our national charity, the Missing Children Society of Canada, we have placed over 2,000 machines in the best retail locations across Canada.  Results have been incredible. We urge you to act fast and join our growing team of successful Distributors.

Here's how it works:

Machines are stocked with high quality toys and tattoos that are vended for $1 "Loonie" (Your profit on each sale is $0.70) As an added bonus each machine contains 20 "Black Prize Winning Capsules" that contain certificates with pin codes.  By entering the pin code at our prize redemption website,, the winner finds out which valuable prize they have won.


Prizes that can be won:
Stereograms Gift Cards
Ringtones Gift Certificates
Wallpapers Xbox 360
MP3 Players Playstation 3
Movie Passes PSPs
Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS

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